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Technical details

Technical details

To ensure comfortable handling in filling stations and an easy manipulation by lifting devices (fork lifts, stackers or derricks) each bag is fitted with 4 loops available in two different types.

Corner loops

Four loops are sewn in the corners, along the edges of the bag. They are cost-effective and guarantee a high tenacity and high safe working load for the bags.

Cross-Corner loops

Four loops are sewn across the corners, which allow them to stay upright and can facilitate a one man operation.

Size & Capacities

Size Bases ranging from 70 × 70cm to 120 × 120cm (also rectangular) and heights from 50cm up to 220cm
Volume capacity From 250 up to 3000 litres
Safe Working Load 100—3000kg SWL
Safety Factor 5:1 for single-trip packaging and 6:1 up to 8:1 for multi-trip packaging


Sealing of BIG-BAGs is adjusted to the specifications of the filling material and is available permeable to air, siftproof, supersiftproof by our sealing system for very fine material, lined with polyethylene for microscopic and moisture sensitive products.


Our BIG-BAGs can be supplied printed on all 4 sides in up to 4 different colours.


BIG-BAGs are packed on pallets (75 up to 200 pcs. each—depending on size) and wrapped weatherproof. All pallets are stackable.

Filling and Discharging Systems

Our designs can be tailored to meet any requirements of our customers. In addition to special filling and discharging systems we also offer the standard ones (that can be differently combined) as follows:

Open top

Suitable for manual filling and discharging

Duffle top

Tailored for various filling systems

Filling spout

Průměr od 15 do 65cm, různé délky

Flat bottom

Recommended for discharging through the top or for cutting the bottom off

Discharge spout

With diameter from 15 up to 65cm and variable length

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