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Special containers (BIG-BAGs)

UN certified BIG-BAGs for hazardous substances

UN BIG-BAGs are designed for use in the transport of hazardous goods group II and III / Y or Z. They must meet the strictest requirements of UN recommendations (eg. drop test, tear test etc.) and bear a UN marking. To ensure all of this an independent test authority continuously monitors the production facility. Once a UN BIG-BAG has passed the tests a UN marking can be allocated. All of our products can be supplied with UN marking.

Electrically conductive BIG-BAGs type C

Conductive BIG-BAGs are designed for use in applications (eg. filling and discharging operations) where a potential risk of static build-up from electrostatic energy exists. Conductive containers prevent uncontrolled electrostatic charge generation that can lead as far as to the explosion by providing defined electrical discharge. We currently offer two different types of conductive BIG-BAGs:

  • BIG-BAGs made from two-ply sandwich fabric with interwoven conductive PP-mono-filaments. All surfaces of the bags are inter linked to the lifting loops and earthing points to ensure that conductivity is maintained. The conductive PP-mono-filaments guarantee resistance figures of less than 108 Ohms at any point of the BIG-BAG on the inner and outer surfaces. Conductivity is proven by independent authority testing. Each bag must pass the tests to gain required certification number.
  • BIG-BAGs made from fabrics, foils and threads with antistatic coating. The benefits of this system ensure that the full surface area of the fabric is conductive, not relying on the interwoven conductive monofilaments. The resistance figures of less than 108 Ohms have been independenty certified. The only electric charge which is generated by self-charging of the filling is grounded through the loop placed on lifting device and through the fabric. The homogeneously coated surface has been proven to considerably accelerate electrostatic discharge, prevent product sifting and protect against dust attraction on the external surface of the BIG-BAG.

Electrically insulative BIG-BAGs type B

BIG-BAGs type B are constructed from insulating fabric which has a breakdown voltage less than 4kV. They are suitable for materials that can accumulate potential dangerous but weak charges during filling and discharging operations. Our containers have relevant testing certificates.

Electrically conductive and insulative BIG-BAGs are both available with UN certification.

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